How to protect against Tax Identity Theft

When you own a dormant company-related entity, handle it now. When you bring it up with the IRS first, the IRS might be willing to cooperate with you to clean up your dormant tax-ID number company situation.

The contractor must, at the time the agreement is entered into between the owner and the contractor, be a person or partnership with an establishment in Québec. Must not be the owner or co-owner of the eligible residential unit, or the spouse of one of the owners of the eligible residential unit at the time the home improvement or renovation work is carried out hold an appropriate licence issued by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec. Note that an individual who carries out the improvements or renovations on his or her own principal place of residence may

On the other hand, there are less common solutions you can have, which the IRS may refuse or consider. One of such solution is Partial Installment Plan which you may consider if you do not have other important alternative to go with. In case, you are wiped out financially and are not in a position to pay off the debt in 3 years, then you may request an installment plan that can add up to less than the full amount you due.

Reason 4: It's easy. As tax forms go, this is one of the easiest tax forms to complete. You put in your name, address and social security number - and you are already halfway done! Only four more lines to go: an estimate of your 2008 tax liability, the total amount of 2008 tax payments (from W-2 or 1099 withholdings and/or quarterly estimated tax payments), any balance due, and the amount you are paying with the form. A tax form can't be any easier than that.

Late payment penalty. Also known as the failure-to-pay penalty, it applies if you have a balance due and do not pay it by April 15. Filing the extension does not eliminate this penalty, because the extension only extends the time to file the return, not the time to pay the tax. The penalty is one-half of one percent of the tax due for each month or part of a month that the payment is late, up to 25%. Obviously, this is much lighter than the late filing penalty.

If you can get a 4506-T form signed, it is always a lot faster to order a transcript (summary) of their tax return, than to try and get an actual copy of a return. And if the judgment debtor's return had been e-filed, only the transcript of their tax return will be available.

During Abraham Lincolns presidency in the 1860s, were first legally required to pay income taxes. The President and Congress created the Commissioner of Revenue and enacted a Federal Income Tax law in order to fund the costly Civil War.